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Magnifica Consulting Group offers a 360-degree consulting service. We build businesses, innovative international start-ups, and guide our clients through complex strategic decision-making processes, such as real estate or business branch sales, transfer of company shares, search for operational or financial partners, fundraising, and crowdfunding. Thanks to our highly qualified team of professionals, we provide end-to-end support throughout the negotiation process. Magnifica is capable of engineering international projects. Our strength? Building successful partnership networks.

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US, Canada, UAE, Australia and so on: Magnifica covers more than 5 continents around the globe.

Expert in Dubai

Business Setup Services in Dubai, UAE

Magnifica Awards

Magnifica Awards was born to celebrate the ‘Magnificence’ of the Seventh Italian Art, the Culture of Cinema, and the Great Names that represent it. Our festival enthusiastically embraces international cinema, recognizing the value and beauty of all artistic expressions. Join us in a unique occasion created to celebrate extraordinary works, exceptional talents, and universal values expressed through the Seventh Art.